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For owners of ONLINE projects we offer:

  • high quality service at a relatively low price;
  • opening topics in 60 of the best targeted forums;
  • review your project on 10 popular blogs;
  • automatic participation in the auction rating;
  • rating status banner;
  • Evaluation of your project rating by user voting.

Before adding a project or banner advertising, read the conditions:

  • we DO NOT provide services to projects that offer excessive generosity and carry a high risk for users of the rating 
  • add a project can only its administrator or owner, without referral links;
  • The ratings, position and statuses of all projects are based solely on user voting and the initial assessment of the project by the administrator. 
  • VOICES OF USERS Are not subject to challenge, but any comments and suggestions are welcome;
  • in case of fraud or selective payments, we have the right to move the project to the black list (SCAM) and / or remove ads without any refunds;
  • We have the right to reject your listing request without explanation. In this case, the money will be returned.